Environmental Services

General Flora and Fauna offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Flora and Fauna survey and assessment
  • 7 Part Test (Assessment of Significance)
  • Tree ecological assessment
  • Habitat Assessment
  • Habitat Management Plans
  • Koala assessment
  • Targeted species survey
  • Informal “walkover” assessment
  • Pre-purchase assessment
  • Long term monitoring
  • Subcontracting services
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Remnant bushland assessment

Our Capabilities

We have the expertise and equipment to perform the following flora and fauna survey and assessment components over small and large sites:

  • Describe broadly the physical attributes of a site such as location, topography, degree of slope, aspect, soils, drainage lines, creeks etc.
  • Map and classify the broader vegetation types including terrestrial and wetland flora found in a study area and describe the structural and floristic elements found in each broad vegetation community.
  • Identify the terrestrial and wetland flora found on a site.
  • Identify the terrestrial vertebrate fauna (mammals, frogs, birds and reptiles) found on a site.
  • Recognize and consider the habitat requirements for flora and fauna.
  • Follow the methods prescribed in appropriate Flora and Fauna Survey Guidelines.
  • Photograph the vegetation, landscape and wildlife.
  • Access the DEC (NPWS) database to determine those threatened species recorded within 10km of the study site that may be significantly effected by a proposed development.
  • Apply the “7 Part Test” (s5A, EP&A Act 1979) to each of the threatened species found or likely to be found on a site.
  • Address State Environmental Planning Policies – SEPP No. 14 Coastal Wetlands, No. 19 Bushland in Urban Areas and No. 44 Koala Habitat Protection.
  • Provide a comprehensive report detailing the above findings and any relevant observations plus offer recommendations to minimize the affects of proposed actions or development on the site. The report will be suitable for submission with a Development Application to relevant consent or determining authorities such as a local council.

Surveys & Assessments

We can perform a range of flora and fauna surveys and assessments:

  1. Walkover Assessment briefly describes over one or two pages, in the opinion of GFF, the broad habitat and flora and fauna likely to be found on the site during a survey. This level of assessment raises potential issues that may be associated with an action or development such as threatened species and their habitat, corridors, koala feed trees and hollow bearing trees.
  2. Small Site and Minor Development Assessment: a checklist assessment to guidelines presented in Appendix 5 of Flora and Fauna Survey Guidelines for the Lower Hunter Central Coast Region 2002.
  3. Preliminary Flora and Fauna Survey and Assessment with 7 Part Test to council requirements, indicating potential impact of proposed action or development on threatened species. This might be accomplished in several hours of diurnal and/or nocturnal visits, resulting in a short report including a broad site description and limited flora and fauna list.
  4. Full Flora and Fauna Survey and Assessment with 7 Part Test to council requirements, ie. for a Development Application addressing all issues pertaining to threatened species, Koala habitat etc. This level of survey may take several days to weeks of field work and include vegetation mapping, transects, plots, terrestrial and arboreal mammal trapping, bat trapping, Anabatting, spotlighting, stag watching etc and a comprehensive report addressing all issues.